Project Synopsis

Perform relief device sizing and documentation for approximately 650 relief devices at a specialty chemical plant.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted by the client, an international specialty chemical manufacturing company, to perform sizing services for various safety relief devices at a facility that processes cumene, acetone, phenols, and methyl styrene.   As a part of this project, the following tasks were accomplished:

  • Completed required field work to get relevant information for approximately 650 pressure relief devices (PRDs)
  • Assisted the plant with identification of missing information needed to adequately size devices
  • Performed sizing calculations and provided specialty documentation for approximately 100 pressure relief devices including pressure safety valves (PSVs), rupture disks, and conservation vents
  • Performed and verified hydraulic calculations to adequately size inlet and outlet piping for the PSVs
  • Developed process level specification sheets for the PSV devices
  • Developed custom report packages containing all relevant information used for sizing each device
  • Beta tested client’s in-house safety relief device computer program and provided troubleshooting and improvement recommendations as applicable.

PROCESS utilized the client’s in-house relief device program to the extent possible as well as PROCESS‘ licensed commercial process simulation software’s hydraulics package and chemical/physical component database along with its proprietary in-house relief device capacity computer program to adequately size relief devices.  Calculations were based on the guidelines in American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards 520 and 521 as well as NFPA 30 requirements.

PROCESS supplied the client with custom reports in the format requested by the client.  Deliverables included a report package summary sheet, a description of the safety relief system, a summary of results of the sizing calculations, drawing and documentation reference summary sheets, a summary table and narrative for all relief scenarios considered, relief device specification sheets, summaries of the heat and material balance information used in the sizing calculations, hydraulic calculations, unbalanced reactive force calculations (where applicable), copies of the vendor relief device data, drawings and sketches (including P&IDs), and equipment data file information for the limiting equipment.

Industry Type

  • Specialty Chemicals Production

Utilized Skills

  • Relief devices sizing
  • Relief device documentation

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