Project Synopsis

Review a specialty metals recovery pilot plant operation and comment on issues related to future scale-up plans based on this pilot facility.

Project Summary


The client, an entrepreneurial startup company focused on specialty metals recovery from natural liquids feedstocks, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to assist with risk mitigation during scale-up preparations.  The client had recently constructed a pilot plant and was gathering data to use for the design and construction of a small commercial sized operation.  PROCESS personnel visited the client’s site and performed a field review of the pilot plant operations.  While on site, PROCESS also reviewed pilot plant operating data, conducted interviews with the client’s engineering and operations personnel, and reviewed information on planned downstream operations.

After completion of the pilot plant review, PROCESS prepared a report for the client that could be presented to current and potential investors.  The report included information regarding the overall process feasibility, the risks associated with the technology’s scale-up strategy, the adequacy of information generated from the pilot study, and suggestions for future process modifications to simplify scale-up operations.

Industry Type

  • Specialty Metals Recovery

Utilized Skills

  • Pilot plant effectiveness review
  • Process scale-up consulting
  • Independent 3rd party review

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