Project Synopsis

Develop an FEL-1 Design Package for a new skid package Spray Dryer System (SDS) at a paint pigment manufacturing facility.

Project Summary

The client, one of the world’s largest producers of pigments and painting inks, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to develop an FEL-1 Design Package for a new Spray Dryer System (SDS) to supplement the capacity of their current system and reduce the amount of third-party tolling required.   The scope of the project involved installation of a new re-slurry system, spray dryer system, material separation/collection equipment, air pollution control equipment, and product pack-out system.  The primary objective of this effort was to accurately define the proposed new process, develop a preliminary cost estimate, and to generate a project execution plan.   PROCESS performed the following scope of work:

  • Generated As-Built P&IDs for the existing system to be used as the basis for the new upgraded process. The new SDS would share some equipment with the existing system so it was critical to have accurate P&IDs of the current process.
  • Developed a process design basis document that detailed baseline information governing the upgraded system design such as raw material specifications, operating data, existing equipment information, product specifications, and air permitting limitations. This involved interfacing with the client’s R&D, Operations, and Safety, Health, and Environmental (SH&E) groups.
  • Generated a detailed heat and material balance (HMB) and process flow diagram (PFD) for the entire process. The SDS was to be a packaged system designed and fabricated by a vendor.  The vendor supplied preliminary HMB data for their system and PROCESS validated this information and integrated it into a final HMB/PFD for the entire process (from cake re-slurry to material pack-out).
  • Performed a technical alternatives evaluation to identify potential improvements to the process for material handling, re-slurry mixing, and process safety upgrades. An upgraded re-slurry mixing system was selected and additional safety features were added to the new SDS and downstream material separation/collection and air pollution control systems.
  • Generated a detailed equipment specification for the SDS (for vendor bidding purposes) and developed preliminary equipment duty specifications/sizing for all other new major pieces of equipment.   The system was designed to process two different classes of product that required separate material separation and pack-out equipment.  The process had to be designed to minimize cross-contamination so the SDS specification included a clean-in-place (CIP) process.  In addition, the solids processed were classified as a St2 deflagration class combustible particulate; therefore, the equipment and safety systems were designed to comply with NFPA 652, 654, 68, and 69 standards.
  • Generated preliminary emission estimates and an environmental assessment report that the client used to communicate to the state permitting agency the potential impact(s) that would result from installation of a new SDS at the site. The client was in the process of updating their existing Title V permit.
  • Develop modified P&IDs reflecting the new process with integration/tie-ins to existing process equipment as required. The vendor provided a P&ID for their packaged system and PROCESS referenced this drawing as part of the updated P&ID package.
  • Generated a budget-level factored cost estimate for engineering, procurement, and construction of the new SDS.

The client decided to pause the project until the economics warranted installation of the new SDS.  They elected, however, to pursue detailed process design of a new re-slurry system to upgrade the existing spray dryer process.  PROCESS continued to support the client in development of an FEL-2 design package for the new re-slurry system.

Industry Type

Pigment Manufacturing


Utilized Skills

  • Preliminary process design
  • Design of CIP systems
  • Design of packaged process skids.

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