Project Synopsis

Walk down and create P&IDs for both the steam and condensate return systems at an edible oil manufacturing plant.

Project Summary


The client, a U.S. edible oil manufacturing facility, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to develop piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) for the existing plant-wide steam supply and condensate systems.

Specifically, the project tasks involved:

  • Walkdown of the facility and system to create draft sketches of the piping and instrumentation for both the steam supply and condensate return systems.  The facility consists of the boiler room, the refinery (six floors), four (4) on-site tank farms, one (1) off-site tank farm, and two (2) warehouses.  This required approximately 2-3 weeks on-site at the client’s location.
  • Preparation of P&IDs for the steam supply and condensate system from the boiler distribution manifold to the condensate return tank.  The drawings provided lines sizes, instrument locations, insulation, and general unit descriptions.
  • Preparation of a system schematic for the steam distribution throughout the facility.  The schematic represented a general layout, direction of flow, and all major and minor pressure reducing stations for the steam supply.

Creation of the P&IDs was a critical first step for the client in an effort to minimize wasted energy and optimize the performance of the system.

Industry Type

  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Utilized Skills

  • Plant walkdown
  • P&ID creation
  • On-site process engineering support

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