Project Synopsis

Review an existing tank farm for a new purpose and provide a process engineering evaluation and design of a new inert gas tank blanketing and venting system.

Project Summary


The client, a food grade oil manufacturer, has an existing storage tank farm which they desired to re-purpose.  The change would require a nitrogen blanketing system. Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to review the proposed nitrogen blanketing valves and the system requirements and develop equipment specifications for the blanketing valves and required conservation vents.

PROCESS performed the following project tasks:

  • Performed calculations to determine the required nitrogen flow rate based on API-650 standards.
  • Contacted the tank manufacturer to determine the actual design rating for the tanks in question.  PROCESS identified discrepancies in the system venting capacities and tank design ratings.  At PROCESS‘ recommendation, the tank fabricator was contracted to re-rate the atmospheric tanks for both pressure and vacuum.
  • Field verified P&IDs.
  • Performed calculations for sizing of conservation vents based on the tank manufacturer’s revised design ratings.
  • Identified vendors that could supply conservation vents with the required relieving capacities at low pressures.

Process equipment involved in this project included storage tanks, nitrogen blanketing valves, conservation vents, and pumping systems.

Industry Type

  • Food Ingredients Production

Utilized Skills

  • Tank blanketing systems evaluation
  • Tank blanketing systems design