Project Synopsis

Provide a preliminary process engineering feasibility study and rough cost estimates to build and operate a small scale Gas-to-liquids facility using stranded gas.

Project Summary


The client, an international engineering firm, sub-contracted Process Engineering Associates (PROCESS) to study the cost and possible return on investment for a small scale Gas to Liquids (GTL) plant.  The ultimate client is an upstream oil and gas provider in Nigeria. The concept behind the GTL plant is to use stranded gas that is currently being flared due to the lack of infrastructure to utilize the gas.

Project tasks included the following:

  • Developing a process simulation model using PROCESS‘ licensed commercial computer process simulation software (CHEMCAD) based on using a steam methane reformer for converting the gas to carbon monoxide
  • Working with technology providers to identify an applicable Fischer-Tropsch process technology
  • Studying the possibility of hydrocracking / dewaxing the higher hydrocarbons and fractionating the product into retail use products (gasoline and diesel)
  • Developing costs for the above scenarios.

A report was delivered to the client along with details from the FT technology provider so that the ultimate client could make an informed decision regarding the feasibility and economics of the project.

Industry Type

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Processing

Utilized Skills

  • Preliminary GTL process design

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