Project Synopsis

Evaluate existing catalytic sulfur reaction information, suggest further development, and assist in pilot plant planning for a technology development company.

Project Summary


The client owns proprietary information about catalytic sulfur reactions that have several potential commercial applications.  The information developed to date about the reactions is very limited.  The client contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to evaluate the available information and help them chart a path forward to further develop the technology.  Specifically, the client requested assistance to determine:

  • What is currently known about the reactions
  • What information needs to be generated in order to design a pilot plant
  • Which application of the technology is “low hanging fruit” in terms of ease of demonstration and development

PROCESS provided the client with a list of information that is required for each of three main technology applications for the reactions in order to design a pilot plant.  Information to be collected in the pilot plant for each application was also delineated.  Additionally, the three main applications were ranked according to ease of characterization for future development.

Industry Type

  • Catalyst Technology Providers

Utilized Skills

  • Technology evaluation
  • Pilot-Plant design
  • Catalyst systems consulting

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