Project Synopsis

Evaluate the suitability of an existing third-party production facility for the toll production of a sweetener product.

Project Summary

The client, an international food and agricultural products company, contracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to evaluate the suitability of a third-party production facility in the southeast U.S. for toll production of a sugar alcohol (sweetener) based on the client’s proposed process and fermentation bacteria.  The following tasks were performed:

  • Project kick-off meeting and data collection at the client’s headquarters.
  • Development of a Design Basis based on the client’s proposed process and available equipment for the toll manufacturing facility.
  • Development of a Preliminary Heat and Material Balance (HMB) and Block Flow Diagram (BFD) for the proposed process. The HMB for the process downstream of fermentation was completed using CHEMCAD process simulation software.
  • Preparation of a Preliminary Major Equipment List, which involved Process developing a list of required process equipment based on the BFD and HMB with basic process requirements for each piece of major equipment.
  • Site visit and information collection at the toll manufacturing facility.
  • Existing Equipment and Facilities Evaluation, which involved PROCESS executing technical evaluations for each piece of major equipment in order to determine suitability for the proposed process.
  • Identification of the Balance of Process Equipment, which involved PROCESS identifying what pieces of major process equipment may be required beyond the available equipment at the toll manufacturing facility and developing preliminary rough sizing estimates for that equipment.
  • Assessment of Process Risks, which involved PROCESS developing a preliminary evaluation of the potential process risks associated with design of the proposed process as well as with the existing equipment and facilities at the toll manufacturing facility.
  • Preparation of a Preliminary rough order of magnitude (ROM) Capital Cost Estimate for required, new process equipment, which involved PROCESS developing cost estimates for any new equipment required for the proposed process.
  • Preparation of a Project Summary Report, which involved PROCESS assembling and conveying the project deliverables, information, findings, and any comments and/or recommendations in a summary letter report.

Industry Type

Food Ingredients Production


Utilized Skills

  • Existing process equipment utilization evaluation
  • Process risk assessment
  • CAPEX development

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