Project Synopsis

Develop a conceptual process design and cost estimate for the pyrolysis gas recovery system portion of a waste tire recycling plant.

Project Summary


The client, an engineering design company, subcontracted Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) to provide process engineering services to support preliminary design efforts for a new waste tire pyrolysis plant.  Specifically, PROCESS was asked to assist in the process design of a pyrolysis gas recovery system.  In support of this effort, PROCESS completed the following tasks:

  • Researched available literature on tire pyrolysis gas yield and composition
  • Simulate options for pyrolysis gas recovery
  • Developed process flow diagrams (PFDs) and heat and material balances (H&MB) for the recovery system
  • Provided initial estimates for equipment size and costs.

With the pyrolysis reactor design in the preliminary stages, limited data were available for the pyrolysis gas. To fill this gap, PROCESS first conducted research through open literature sources to develop an estimate for the expected pyrolysis gas yield and composition.  Of particular interest were the light gas composition, pyrolysis oil hydrocarbon boiling range, and expected speciation (composition) of sulfur compounds.  Additional consideration was also given to the type of hydrocarbon generated (paraffin, aromatic, etc.) and fouling potential.  With this information, a design basis was developed with the client for the gas recovery system.

Next, PROCESS developed computer process simulation models for gas recovery options.  Alternatives were screened that allowed for condensation of the high temperature pyrolysis gas, recovery of desired liquid product fractions, and required minimal heat input.  Once a final configuration was determined, product recoveries were optimized.  Process flow diagrams (PFDs) and heat and H&MBs were then generated.

Finally, estimates for equipment sizes were developed to enable preliminary cost estimation and conceptual site layout.


Industry Type

  • Waste Tire Recycling

Utilized Skills

  • Literature search
  • Conceptual process design (FEL-1)
  • Process alternatives evaluation

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