Project Synopsis

Design review of a mixed waste treatment facility.

Project Summary


Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was retained by the client and to perform a process design review of a mixed waste treatment facility.  PROCESS had previously performed the process and control system design for this facility.  During detail design and procurement (with which PROCESS was not involved), significant changes to the process design had been made.  PROCESS’ tasks for this project were as follows:

  • Perform a detailed process design review of the existing facility design
  • Upgrade the process control diagrams (PCDs) developed by Process during the previous project.

The primary focus of the design review was the facility waste thermal desorption system.  PROCESS’ review of the existing design showed that significant simplification of the control system scheme had taken place during detail design.  PROCESS reviewed these changes in light of facility safety and operation, and made several recommendations relative to both controls and the locations of isolation and shutoff valves.  Detailed review of the system liquid-ring vacuum pump and carbon absorber design and operation resulted in several modifications recommendations as well.  Finally, recommendations relative to the contents of the facility permit application were forwarded to the client as part of this project.

PCDs were upgraded to reflect current facility design.

Industry Type

  • Waste Treatment

Utilized Skills

  • Process design review
  • Controls design review
  • Operating permit review

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