Project Synopsis

Evaluate and make recommendations to correct unacceptable effluent suspended solids and fecal coliform concentrations from an extended aeration activated-sludge waste water treatment system at a golf club.

Project Summary


The client owns and operates an extended aeration activated-sludge wastewater treatment system at a golf club that was experiencing unacceptable suspended solids and fecal coliform concentrations in the plant effluent.  Process Engineering Associates, LLC (PROCESS) was contracted to evaluate the performance of the facility and to make recommendations to mitigate the above mentioned performance deficiencies.  The following project tasks were completed:

  • Process design and operating performance review
  • Operating practices evaluation
  • Recommendations development and implementation.

The process design and operating performance review included a thorough review of the process design documentation, operating manuals, sampling procedures, and current-year effluent analytical data.  Because the wastewater treatment system was out of service for the off-season, the operating practices evaluation was conducted via interviews with the golf course maintenance personnel.  A questionnaire, developed and utilized by PROCESS, was used as a tool in the operating practices evaluation to identify actual operating and sampling practices and the performance characteristics of the system during normal and off-normal performance periods.  Comparison of the actual practices and performance with the wastewater treatment system process design and recommended operating practices led to the determined root cause of the operational deficiencies, inadequate sludge management.  Therefore, the recommendations development and implementation included the development of a detailed sludge management plan for the golf course wastewater treatment system.  This sludge management plan included a detailed step-by-step sludge purging test plan that the golf course utilized to determine the sludge purge parameters that would provide optimum performance for the client’s system.

The establishment of optimum sludge management parameters eliminated the stated deficiencies.

Industry Type

  • Recreational Facility Waste Water Treatment

Utilized Skills

  • Process troubleshooting
  • Corrective action recommendations and procedures development

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