PROCESS‘ licensed commercial process simulation software, CHEMCAD and CCTherm, Aspen, and HYSYS all have been used increasingly with great effectiveness in the course of process engineering and process design projects. Several of our engineers are also familiar and proficient with other industry-leading simulation packages such as Pro/II, Simsci, etc. With engineers proficient in the use of these software, PROCESS has been able to utilize these tools to save engineering time on projects (resulting in corresponding savings to our clients).

PROCESS has performed hundreds and hundreds of process simulations (thousands if you count process alternatives that were explored). The following list of examples represents only a small fraction of our experience with computer process simulation. More information on our experience can be found at more Process Simulation Projects – also see projects where we have Developed Simulation Tools and Design Aids for clients and Taught Simulation Training Courses.

Batch Plant Vent System

Organic Chemical Production Distillation Towers

Crude Vacuum Distillation System

Light Ends Fractionation System

Sodium Hydrosulfide Production System

HCl Regeneration System

Condensing Solvent Recovery System

Solvent Recovery Distillation System

Refinery Flare System

Multi-Tower HCl Absorption System

Fume Incinerator Heat Recovery System

Nuclear Facility Cooling Water Loops

Refinery Fuel Gas Conditioning System