The following are a list of technical topics, many of which were presentations given at PROCESS’ corporate office in Tennessee. These presentations provide one way for our engineers to disseminate information within the company on the types of engineering tools or technical advances they may have recently been using/developing on behalf of our clients to more accurately or efficiently complete a project assignment.

Process Building/Area Ventilation Guidelines

Critical Temperature Range Relief Calculations

Trayed Distillation Towers: Tray Types, Operation, and Troubleshooting

An Overview of ISA 84 Standard for Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and the Safety Life Cycle

Proper Relief Valve Fire Case Evaluation Using Dynamic Simulation Tools Versus API 521 Recommended Practice

Modeling Unsteady State Processes with CHEMCAD Steady State Simulation Tools

Predictive Modeling of Rare Earth Element Separation by Solvent Extraction Using METSIM

Selective Counter Current Leaching and Oxalate Precipitation of Rare Earth Elements in Chloride Media: The Case for Bastnasite and Ancylite Minerals

Why Use Process Simulation?

Oil Refining Basics

FCC Troubleshooting Stories by Michael Edwards

Summary Description of a Project Utilizing a Licensed Process Technology

An Introduction to Delayed Coking – Coking 101

Understanding and Meeting new MSAT Regulations for Refiners

Heat Exchanger Design using CCTHERM Software

Environmentally Friendly “Green Process Engineering”

Low Sulfur Marine Fuels – Refinery Incentive or Risk?