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Evaluate a refinery wide cooling water system in a challenging desert like environment to identify areas for improvement and recommend corrective measures.
Provide an independent 3rd party design review for process design information developed by the client for oil/water/gas treatment units which process injection gas that is above the critical point.  

Provide independent process owner’s engineer services in an effort to validate that an overseas oil refinery design/build project meets client objectives, reduces overall risk, and evaluate alternative refinery configurations.

Modify and develop HYSYS simulation models for a Crude Distillation Unit designed to maximize Arctic Diesel grade fuel production.
Provide troubleshooting and detailed column internals analysis for a poor performing fluid catalytic cracking main fractionator at a major U.S. petroleum refinery.
Prepare a first pass simulation model for a new modular Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) for an equipment design/manufacturing company in Canada.  
Develop a preliminary process simulation model for a new modular Crude Distillation Unit.
Develop a preliminary (FEL-1) process design package for a new colloidal silica plant based on operating data from an existing plant.
Engineering projects to resolve approximately 150 process hazard analysis (PHA) action items related to process relief systems and flare loading.
Update a HYSYS simulation model and then perform relief valve sizing calculations for a Naphthalene Hydrotreater Unit at a petroleum refinery.
Perform a relief device sizing study for an Isomerization Unit and associated Propane Refrigeration Skid at an independent U.S. oil refinery.
Design a modular process Vacuum Distillation Pilot-Plant to process heavy oil feed streams.