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Create a scope of work package for potential contractors for the development of construction bids for a demonstration size cellulosic ethanol plant.
Perform a third-party evaluation of a preliminary process design to determine the technical and economic viability of the facility prior to full scale plant design.
Provide design services for the development of a cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant in support of a proposal to the Department of Energy. Simulation diagrams: Pulverizing and Delignification, Bioreactor Section
Provide process design and engineering services for a pilot-scale sugar cane to ethanol production facility by designing an ethanol purification system, developing upgrades for an existing lime slurry neutralization system, and generating a plant-wide mass balance and accompanying PFDs.
Front end engineering design study to define the technologies and unit operations for a process required to remove impurities from a biomass syngas intermediate stream and purify/separate the desired final products.
Perform preliminary process engineering and design for systems downstream of a biomass gasifier to render a synthetic natural gas suitable for use in standard natural gas-fired combined cycle turbines generating electricity.
Performed preliminary process designs, for both demonstration and commercial scale facilities, using the conversion of biomass derived from municipal solid waste (MSW) to synfuel through biomass gasification and subsequent novel Fischer-Tropsch conversion from syngas.
Provide a process design for a distillation train to produce ethanol, from a waste sugar fermentation facility, that was height restricted and had solids materials in the feed stream.
Provide process engineering assistance with the Maintenance, Startup, & Shutdown (MSS) emission calculations for the air permit application of a new gasification plant using state and EPA methodologies.
Provide design changes to improve operations of a methanol drying column in a waterless biodiesel production facility.
Preliminary process evaluation of a biomass gasifier, associated gas cleaning system, and third party engineering review of pilot plant.
Develop overall ethanol plant simulation models, spreadsheets, and visual basic programming tools to improve the efficiency and accuracy of process design packages for new plant designs and ultimately yield a complete process design package essentially “at the push of a button” - Video Demonstration
Assist a technology provider with the development of multiple process design packages, for ultimate client-specific plant designs, utilizing a comprehensive process simulation and tools developed by PROCESS.
Provide engineering support to develop a cleanup process for a biogas derived from cow manure and upgrade the biogas to both pipeline quality natural gas and engine fuel for electrical power generation.
Build a generic and flexible biodiesel plant process simulation to improve and streamline the creation of plant design documentation packages, and do so across a wide variety of input variables. View simulation diagrams for various sections of the process; Transesterification, Methyl Ester-Glycerine Separation, Methyl Ester Drying, and Glycerine Soap Splitting.
Process design and engineering services for a waterless biodiesel production facility based on technologies provided by others.
Troubleshoot beer columns at an operating ethanol plant and identify design and/or operational changes to improve the operation.
Evaluate the feasibility of using Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to generate liquid synthetic fuels via various process options within Waste-To-Liquid Hydrocarbon (WTLH) production facilities.
Execute a feasibility study and preliminary technical evaluation of various system configurations for a unique biomass-to-power facility.
Perform an independent process engineering assessment of the validity, completeness, and scalability of numerous new food and fuel related process technologies for a technology development company.
Perform a process engineering due diligence evaluation of a biodiesel process for a client who was considering licensing the technology for the purposes of building a new biodiesel production plant overseas.
Develop a preliminary batch process design for a biodiesel producer to recover methanol from crude glycerin.
Perform a preliminary process design for a facility to produce both methanol (MeOH) and dimethyl ether (DME) from natural gas.
Create a simulation model and spread sheet interface tools for a process to produce Green Diesel from corn oil.
Develop a process design package for a process to convert waste plastics into a synthetic crude oil via pyrolysis.