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Perform a series of process simulation case studies of various coal fired power cycles for a power industry electric utilities research group.
Develop a process simulation model and validate it through plant testing for a sugar cane bagasse to ethanol demonstration plant.
Evaluate plant process equipment using the client's Aspen simulation and determine how the equipment needed to be modified in order to produce a new final chemical product.

Develop an FEL-2 level process design package including balance of plant utilities for a pilot-scale process to convert well gas-to-liquid (GTL) hydrocarbon fuels.

Carboxylic acids production system refining and stripping capacity expansion study, i.e. evaluate expected additional refining capacity needed versus available equipment, equipment service allocation, and unit on-line time.

Design an intermediate project storage tank heat exchanger cooling loop.
Provide an independent engineering design review and assessment for the design of a new commercial scale lithium manufacturing facility.
Prepare preliminary process design information and a cost estimate for a new commercial-scale unit to produce a medical grade sodium bicarbonate product based on client developed laboratory test data.
Perform process alternative evaluations and develop an FEL-1 level process design and cost estimate information to achieve a 40% increase in wastewater treatment capacity at a chemical manufacturing facility.
Develop process simulation models to aide in the development of preliminary process design information and the evaluation of several small-scale electric generation power cycles.
Design a modular process Vacuum Distillation Pilot-Plant to process heavy oil feed streams.