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Project to reduce contaminant levels in the production of a food grade bleach organic peroxide.
Provide process engineering support to help a specialty chemical manufacturer produce an encapsulated product in a more concentrated product form.
Provide process engineering support to a beverage manufacturer for evaluating and improving their pilot plant operation as well as develop the process design package for a new demonstration scale process.
Provide process engineering for a rubber industry research pilot-plant development project to produce rubber from dandelion roots including evaluating test data, custom unit operations design and test procedures, testing oversight, preliminary and detailed process design, oversight support of the detail engineering, procurement, installation, and startup. View OSU Press Release Article (Oct 2012)
On-site process design and engineering support for the complete design, pilot plant program, startup, and commissioning of a new wastewater treatment facility.
Provide implementation support for a new pilot-scale mol-sieve saturation system, as well as develop a full scale process design and implementation support for a similar production scale system.
Assist with completion of the front-end engineering design (FEED) and provide process engineering oversight through detail design for a pilot-scale specialty metal flame salt encapsulation process.
Provide a process alternatives evaluation followed by the preparation of a process design information for a proprietary new produced water desalination system.
Provide a wide variety of operations support assistance to a national nuclear research facility.
Provide process engineering design, project management, commissioning, and startup services for the installation of a new edible oil deodorizer system.
Provide process engineering assistance for various utilities and control systems as part of a health products plant restart project.
Design, and manage the procurement, installation, and start-up of a coagulant/flocculent chemical feed system for a municipal water plant.
Provide process engineering design and support of a new scrubber system for capturing boron trifluoride (BF3) and boron trichloride (BCl3BCL3) vapors.
Design of a size-reduction and reacted/slurried ceramic in water mixture process for the production of a ceramic product as part of a waste thermal treatment system.
Develop a process design package and provide project management, equipment commissioning, and startup support for a new edible oil Hydrogenation system.
Perform process alternative evaluations and develop an FEL-1 level process design and cost estimate information to achieve a 40% increase in wastewater treatment capacity at a chemical manufacturing facility.

Define technically feasible process alternatives and develop a preliminary FEL-1 level design for a process to purify a newly available dirty hydrogen stream and recycle it back into the client's refinery operations.

Provide process engineering and control design support for a plant trial of a wedge-wire filter used in the treatment of process wastewater and stormwater as a potential replacement of an existing Lamella Gravity Settler.
Provide process engineering vessel inspection support during a major petroleum refinery turnaround.